The Poosjärvi Area Expanding

We managed to acquire about 8 more hectares of land to the Tapiola area in Noormarkku in the town of Pori by a deal we made at the end of May. Tapiola has now turned into an area of over 17 hectares with the possibility of becoming even larger in the east. The new section is made up of a forest that has been intact for a long time as well as a piece of the shore surrounding Lake Poosjärvi.

A large proportion of the area belongs to a national conservation programme for birds and the Natura 2000 network. Yet, there have been trees cut down as well as animals and birds poached in the area. When these areas become the property of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, all the animals, birds, and trees living there will be permanently protected by the Finnish Nature Conservation Act.

The acquisition was financed by the Satakunta unit of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, an organization with which the foundation has worked for years to have a new conservation area established in the Satakunta region.

Photo: Anneli Jussila.