The activities of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation are mainly based on private donations. That is why we appreciate every single donation – the more we receive donations, the more we can acquire woodland for conservation.

The foundation has already become very experienced in searching for new forests, buying them, and placing them under conservation. Our advantages as a forest protector are our prompt action and flexibility. Our donors are also convinced that the donated funds are only used for the purchase of new forests as well as for the work associated with the purchase – we are currently the only Finnish nationwide foundation exclusively focused on forest conservation. Our activities are clear and concrete – we search, we buy, and we protect. Our supporters can see the protected forest areas grow as a result of their donations.

Welcome to place Finnish primeval forests under conservation with us! In addition to our conservation work, we produce valuable knowledge for environmental centres to use - some of the forests "found" by our volunteers may be directed to the state to place under conservation.

If you want to support us with a simple donation, please, pay the sum you would like to donate into our account below. Ordinary donations are used for the next forest purchase, which we will inform you about on our website.

Account for Donations IBAN FI78 5494 0950 0224 93

We encourage you to use the reference numbers to reduce our bank charges. You can also donate online: click the links below.

The reference number is

We have received the required licence for the collection on 30th July 2020, the decision registered by the authorities as no. RA/2020/921.

Our rules do not allow to award grants or benefits. All our funds are spent to forest conservation.

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